New Calabo With Simon Halpern

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Sean Davey Surf Photo Tees

Our good homie, photographer Sean Davey has got a new line of tees out with his classic photos on them. If you don’t know Davey, he is an OG surf photographer that has shot for every major mag in the game. Check his work out HERE.

This is what he had to say about his shirts:
Folks, my mate Welshy over in the UK has been pumping out Davey Visions Surf Tee’s for a good year already. He’s been sending me some over to promote the brand here in Hawaii and I certainly have been wearing them a fair bit. it’s amazing how many peeps have actually been stopping me to ask where they can get their hands on one.

The great thing too is that the quality is A-1 but you won’t be paying any ridiculous amounts for the Tee’s like if they came to you via a surf company. My Tees are priced so that pretty much anyone can get their hands on one. Check ‘em out here.

Well, I’m pleased to be able to say that they are actually available to anyone right now via my print and Canvas site at SURFPHOTOSART.COM

Seale Reviews: TRON 3D IMAX

Ok, so Seale and I (jimbrowskee) went to go see TRON last week and had a…ummm interesting time. We got quite kushy before hitting the theatre, so all was well. Dude likes to be extra early for everything, so there was ample time for me to lurk around the theatre w/my 3D glasses on taking flix with my phone and looking like a weirdo, i’m sure. I even sat down in the wrong theatre, for like 5 mins wondering where Seale was. Anyway, Seale wrote a review and here it is.
Tron 3D IMAX Review: By Seale / Images By jim-BROWSKEE
Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), plays the ducati-loving 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges). Sam is still troubled by the disappearance of his father twenty-some years ago. Sam learns of a mysterious page from his father’s old arcade and is pulled into the same world his father has been trapped in for the last two decades. Along with Kevin’s loyal creation (Olivia Wilde), they embark on a journey across a stunning cyber universe to try and escape the clutches of Kevin’s rogue creation, Clu.

The first thing you’ll notice is how freaking amazing the IMAX experience truly is. The sound and picture quality are monumental. The bass is thunderous as spaceships and cyber-bikes pass. Its worth the extra coin you have the shovel out of your wallet, trust me.
Director Joseph Kosinski, making his feature debut, took some notes from watching the Wizard of Oz. The Wizard Of Oz switches from black-and-white to color when Dorothy is tossed into Oz, likewise Tron doesn’t go 3D until Sam gets laser-blasted into the computer driven world. The following thirty minutes are the peak of the film. Sam voyages through the neon bowels of Tron-world and finds himself forced to play killer ultimate frisbee, and participate in a death race with techno infused street bikes. Father and son soon reunite and must make a desperate attempt to flee to the outside world. But Clu is on hot pursuit. Clu is Flynn’s young clone a CPU chip off the old block who’s turned to the dark side and enslaved his land and has plans on doing the same to the real world. I can see this being the premise for the sequel. I won’t give anyway the ending for those who haven’t seen the film. There’s a couple of lengthy parts I could’ve done without, as well as some uncomfortable comic relief that seemed to be thrown in as filler. The true star is the visual effects. Like Avatar, you really feel like you’re engulfed in the world of Tron until you remove the 3D glasses.
Tron: Legacy could be the next big thing. Disney is already working on the anticipated sequel. The IMAX experience is a marvel to the senses. Daft Punk definitely rocks the score with pulsating beats that go along with the story. It might not be perfect, I could have done without the extended and drawn out cyber-train ride, but what is? Tron: Legacy – The IMAX 3D Experience is an event worth attending.

Seale Rating: B-

Final thought, Daft Punk is the shit. I’m really debating on buying the soundtrack. I hope Disney has them score the sequel. F it, every Disney movie should be scored by Daft Punk. Can you imagine how epic Toy Story 3 would be if all those toys were jamming to Daft Punk the entire time? Just a thought.


your BODY my GLOVE

Last week I (jim-BROWSKEE) had the opportunity to DJ Body Glove’s movie premiere party for their new surf film Drop Zone at Banzai Sushi Bar up here on the North Shore. I loaded up on killer sushi, sipped some Rose’ with the Frenchies and played tunes for a mix of industry peeps, locals and fans. Even the monsoon that just dumped on Oahu that night couldn’t keep us from raging. Here’s some flix.

Fock Those Guys

Shirts (guys/girls) dropping very soon. Stay tuned…


Boards by Sonja

Our newest member of team B-Ware, Sonja, does some sick surf board art. Sonja, originally from Finland, now lives on the North Shore. She is a trained architect with a knack for building tree houses, a designer, writer, a lover of getting worked in big surf and all around rad chik! HIT HER UP to get your stick styled!